Lunch at The Natural Dye Studio

Lunch at The Natural Dye Studio

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


It's something we're told to be.
Be healthy.
Don't binge drink, don't take drugs, don't smoke, don't eat above 2000/2500 calories a day, don't forget your apple a day either, don't have too much meat, balance your diet, think of the different grains, not just rice, where did that potato come from? Is it organically fairly traded? How do you think it felt when being ripped from mother earth still spudding?

And exercise.
Exercise until every bone aches and every muscle is strained because if you don't feel like you're pushing yourself to the limit then you'll always be fat, just like every other normal person in this world. No one will fancy you because you have a stomach bulge or a protruding love handle and slightly slacker top arm waddle than Cameron Diaz ...

I understand that weight/image is something that women have always had a tremendous problem with (and quite a few men), the constant anxiety that we are not attractive enough. I, of course, have those niggling thoughts however I've never given two tosses to weight myself or obsess over the conventionally pretty airbrushed magazine girls and I've never stopped myself from either A) having one too many drinks B) sitting on my arse all day and creating something C) eating a huge bag of Doritos... by myself... in one sitting.

Queenie on the other hand has had more anxiety than I, but she has been living longer and had the three baby  body stretch and the husband who likes to feed her.
I'm young. I'm sure my anxieties will get worse with age.

At The Natural Dye Studio we do however make an effort to stretch ourselves taller by hanging the yarn off the metal ceiling rack and we do work our arms by lifting kilos of wet yarn in and out of dye baths. Some of the yarn can be very, very heavy and sometimes the lifting of wet yarn can even take ALL of our muscles... well, not all of them, but some of them... fine, not some of them just a couple of them... mainly the wrist muscles.
But it's working out. A strenuous and laborious task that keeps our wrists and biceps in peek condition.
As for the food aspect of being healthy we make a concerted effort to occasionally bring in some fruit which sits on top of the filing cabinet and sometimes gets eaten, but mostly rots.
Today, we found a particularly hard tangerine that had obviously gone past the stage of squidgy rot and into the stage of rock solid rot.

We decided that instead of attempting to open this sad specimen we'd just decorate and photograph it with the sweets we actually had for lunch and then return it to the shelf above the desks.
Long may the tangerine rot, as a beacon of health for us all!


  1. Thats my orange! I'm nurturing it :-)

  2. I love your non-foodie blog! More power to you ;0) Food is definitely just fuel in my life, nothing more, lucky you to have Homer to cook tho, I settle for ping-food. Jackie xx

  3. I love good food, but I really don't like devoting time to making it. I'm ready for all your tips. PS I'm a teacher in the US....teacher lunch - microwave popcorn.